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What Is HIPS-High Impact Polystyrene?

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS Plastic) is an inexpensive, lightweight and customisable thermoplastic that can be used in a variety of different applications. It offers a wide range of colour options and can be reinforced to offer it more resistance to impacts, tearing and to improve its overall durability. HIPS plastic can even be used in demanding applications that need to meet strict compliances, such as the medical and food industries.

High Impact Polystyrene Plastic Uses

  • Consumer products such as electronics housing, toys and kitchenware
  • Printed applications such as signs, decals, name tags, identification cards and containers
  • Foodservice industry products like drinking cups, food trays and containers
  • Industrial packaging applications including medical packaging

High Impact Polystyrene Plastic Products

At Stephen Webster, we provide a wide range of different HIPS plastic products in the form of sheets that can be formed or cut to your requirements.

  • Gloss and matt HIPS sheet – Contains the standard properties of HIPS plastic but comes in a variety of thicknesses and colour options with either a glossy or matt finish.
  • Conductive HIPS sheet – Conductive HIPS sheets are permanently conductive, meaning they are designed for workspaces and industries where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a concern.
  • Pinseal and Leathergrain HIPS sheet – Pinseal and Leathergrain HIPS sheets come with a textured and scratch-resistant surface on one face and a smooth surface on the other.
  • Economy HIPS sheet – A cost-effective sheet that uses a portion of recycled HIPS plastic. More affordable than regular sheets but not recommended for thermoforming. Great for creating templates, ID cards and backing panels.
  • Mirror HIPS sheet – Contains a reflective surface which is excellent for cladding, dance floors and commercial applications.
  • Reeled HIPS – Similar to regular matt HIPS sheet but is supplied rolled on its core, ready for your own applications.
  • Made-to-order – We also offer made-to-order HIPS plastic sheets in the event that you can’t find what you’re looking for. Please contact our sales team to discover more about our made-to-order options.

Advantages of Using High Impact Polystyrene Plastic

  • A strong and durable plastic material
  • Able to withstand high impacts
  • Can easily be cut and shaped to your ideal size
  • A HIPS sheet can be thermoformed into almost any shape or size
  • Available in several different colours
  • Can also be painted
  • Several finishes including matt and glossy
  • FDA compliant grades depending on needs
  • Can be printed on
  • Affordable solution for many plastic material requirements
  • Recyclable plastic

High Impact Polystyrene Properties

The following properties represent typical HIPS plastic properties and should be used as a reference only.

  • Density (g/cm3): 1.08
  • Surface Hardness: RM30
  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 42
  • Flexural Modulus (GPa): 2.1
  • Notched Izod (kJ/m): 0.1
  • Linear Expansion  (/°C x 10-5): 7
  • Elongation at Break (%): 2.5
  • Strain at Yield (%): 1.8
  • Max. Operating Temp. (°C): 50
  • Water Absorption (%): 0.2
  • Oxygen Index (%): 18
  • Flammability UL94: HB
  • Volume Resistivity (log ohm.cm): 16
  • Dielectric Strength (MV/m): 15
  • Dissipation Factor 1kHz: 0.0006
  • Dielectric Constant  1kHz: 2.8
  • HDT @ 0.45 MPa (°C): 85
  • HDT @ 1.80 MPa (°C): 75
  • Material. Drying  hrs @ (°C): 2 @ 70
  • Melting Temp. Range (°C): 210 – 270
  • Mould Shrinkage (%): 0.5
  • Mould Temp. Range (°C): 20 –  50

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