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ViPrint Sheet – Polypropylene for print

ViPrint sheet is a specialist range of corona treated polypropylene (PP) sheet designed to meet the creative demands of the graphic arts industry. ViPrint is an excellent alternative to PVC for eco-friendly consumers as it lighter and more readily recycled. ViPrint has many exceptional qualities such as infinite hinging capabilities. Also, as ViPrint has been corona treated it can be litho, screen or digitally printed. in some cases it can even be bonded. It available in a wide range of stylish colours and textures, such as black, white, frosted, colours and clear.


ViPrint Sheet – Polypropylene for print Products
Black, White, and Frosted
Clear Sheets
Made to Order
ViPrint is a specialist range of corona treated polypropylene sheet that has a huge range of benefits, whether you’re looking for something to box a product in or hang from a store shelf, it has everything you need.
ViPrint is Environmentally Friendly
Everyone should be aware of the environmental issues of using PVC products. So, why not make the switch to ViPrint sheets instead? With many consumers moving towards greener lifestyles, more people than ever are making environmentally-conscious decisions when it comes to buying products and services. By using ViPrint sheets and making that change, you’ll be using a lighter and more easily-recycled product, and you can also make a point of highlighting your green credentials when compared to your direct competitors.
Multiple Uses of ViPrint
As we explained above, you may need excellent products for all kinds of printing work. The brilliant thing about ViPrint sheets is that it can be used in so many different ways. You can order your ViPrint sheets as litho, screen, or use them for digital printing, making it a compelling and enticing option.
An easier workflow
Another fantastic benefit of ViPrint is that our huge range of finishes and textures are all designed to the very latest expectations in terms of styles and effects. Each product line is also designed to make cutting and folding much easier, improving productivity and increasing workflow operations.
A broad range of ViPrint styles
No matter what your project requirements, we have everything you need with ViPrint. Take our best-selling range as the perfect example. The Black, White & Frosted ViPrint sheets are central to our entire line and offer some of the best chemical and moisture resistance you will see on the market today. The range runs from Eclipse - which is a completely opaque perfectly white - through to a deep, fully-opaque black. Some of the most popular uses of these black, white and frosted ViPrint sheets are for retail signage, packaging and ring binders. We have an exceptional range of colours, too. Our entire range is corona treated and offer exceptional chemical and impact resistance. Not only will your finish be durable, it will also look exceptionally high quality. Our range runs through 8 different colours and a host of different designs - why not get in touch with us today? Finally, our clear ViPrint sheets are perfect for reverse printing or for covering pre-printed media. You can choose from a small range of options: Reflet is perfect for those with anti-reflective needs; Clear is perfect for printing in wet environments and for long-lasting prints; Diagonal is primarily for the binder market, but offers something a little aesthetically different. Still need help? Just get in touch with us today and we can create a tailor made ViPrint sheet to meet your needs.

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