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Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate is a product which is to a high quality and consistently outperforms other materials in its class. It is a versatile, clear material that is suitable for multiple fabricating and forming applications. Further impeccable qualities of Polycarbonate sheets include high impact resistance and class 1 fire ratings.

Polycarbonate Sheets Products
Virgin Polycarbonate
Recycled Polycarbonate (RPC)
Made to Order
Polycarbonate Sheets
Virgin Polycarbonate - Clear Smooth Gloss
Sheet Size (mm)Thickness (mm)
2050x12503.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 8.00
2430x13203.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 8.00

Virgin Polycarbonate - FDA Approved
Sheet Size (mm)Thickness
2050x12501.00, 1.50

Polycarbonate is an exceptionally high-quality product that is becoming increasingly important. It is such a versatile and strong material that you can find it being used in all manner of situations and environments.

Polycarbonate applications
The demand for Polycarbonate around the world is vast. Why? Well, quite simply it can be used in all kinds of projects and applications. You will find polycarbonate everywhere, in protective items such as safety glasses and industries like glazing, electronics and lighting and appliance markets. You find it on cash dispensers, traffic lights and in everyday cars. You will also see polycarbonate in mobile phones, cladding, electrical household equipment and much more besides.

Polycarbonate sheets have exceptional high impact resistance, and also enjoy class 1 fire ratings, making them a super safe material for many sectors - and quite simply, the perfect solution. Let’s take a look at the range of polycarbonate products you can expect from us here at SWP.

Virgin Polycarbonate
If you are looking for an incredibly strong, lightweight and fire-safe product for your application, look no further than Virgin Polycarbonate. Even the toughest possible conditions such as high traffic point of sales displays and dangerous machine guards are possible for this wonderfully versatile material.

At SWP, we offer our customers from the transport, aerospace and food industries specialist grades that will exceed your expectations. Our Virgin polycarbonate gives you the highest impact strength in its class, superb clarity and surface quality, and brilliant chemical resistance. It’s recyclable too, meaning you can help save the planet while benefiting from the wonderful powers of virgin polycarbonate.
Recycled Polycarbonate
Recycled polycarbonate is lightweight and versatile, offering all kinds of benefits such as extreme impact resistance. It can also handle high temperatures with ease and is the material of choice for all kinds of industries who are looking to maximise their returns on spending for large-scale prototyping - the aerospace and automotive sectors, for example.

You can recycle the polycarbonate again too, allowing you to make a fantastic statement about your company’s green credentials. And with a high level of chemical resistance and working thermal range, recycled polycarbonate is perfect for a multitude of applications, including vacuum forming.

Tailor-made for your needs
What if you can't find the perfect size or cut of polycarbonate sheets for your project or application? No problem! All you need to do is reach out to us here at SWP by phone or email, and let us know your needs.

We all know that sometimes something special is needed for your projects and that a tailor-made solution is the only option that suits. But all it takes is a quick chat with our technical team and they will give you all the help you need to work out your tailor-made solution.

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