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You may have noticed our eight displayed markets below. We cater to these markets by offering our wide range of products, services, applications and expert knowledge on a next working day basis. However, at SWP, we don’t like to limit ourselves and can offer our incredible materials to any market. Challenge us today to see how we can cater our services to you.


Clear protective screens help prevent the spread of coronavirus. With Covid-19 spreading rapidly across the country, it’s now more important than ever for companies to ensure that the workplace is as safe and hygienic as possible, both for employees and for members of the public.

In our range, we offer various types of cough screen, also referred to as counter screens, sneeze screens, plastic screens or Covid-19 screens. We offer standing variants in different sizes and smaller counter screens with or without cutouts.

We also offer a hanging screen which is particularly useful for locations that don’t have room to stand a sneeze screen on the counter.  Hanging screens can be suspended from the ceiling using the suspension holes.

In stock screens are available for next day delivery, please contact us for details on bespoke options.

When it comes to bringing an unforgettable focal point to your evening venue, mirrored dance floors are the perfect solution for adding that extra sparkle.

Available in gold, silver, rose gold, brushed and bespoke, our mirrored High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) will truly transform your party venue.

Film and Stage Production
View Film and Stage Production Products

From set designs to props, at SWP we acknowledge that in the Film and Stage Production industry, requests will often be specialist and designed to be a show stopper. That’s why we welcome all enquiries with the affirmation that we always deliver what it takes to bring your project centre stage. We understand that every project is unique, that’s why we have a huge range of materials to choose from and can tailor them to meet your specific requirements.

SWP provide a range of hygienic, food safe products to our customers which are cost effective whilst maximising efficiency. Some of these products are cold resistant, easy to use and functional. Although PET and PETg are used for general food packaging, we also stock a varied range of products for different applications. From HIPS for fridges and coffee cup lids to polycarbonates for chocolate packaging use, SWP has the food market covered.


SWP offer our high-performance plastics to suit the requirements of our medical clients to best facilitate their needs. We only use high purity plastics which meet stringent requirements. Since working in the medical industry, we are familiar with the sensitive requirements for products and work with an ISO accredited supply chain to ensure our materials are both consistent and fit for purpose. SWP understand that is may be difficult to diagnose what material is needed for your product, that’s why we have representatives on hand to consult today.

We host a wide range of materials that are applicable in the packaging industry. Our PVC reel and PET materials are used for general purpose as well as specified uses such as hanging lightbulb boxes and food grade heat sealable packaging. For applications including postal boxes and oyster packs, SWP recommend our range of ViPrint which comes in a variety of colours and textures. As always, SWP understand that you can’t always be sure as to what is the best product for your requirements. That’s why we have our team of specialists on hand to answer any and all queries.

From the high volume of litho to the short runs of digital SWP has it covered. Our range of litho approved ViPrint PP and Staufen PVC offer the very best in material consistency and quality. In addition, we offer the widest range of other plastic printable products including, PET, HIPS and ABS.

Whatever the project, no matter how bold the idea, SWP help our customers produce excellence in print.

From indoor to outdoor, durable yet intricate, our team are always eager to deliver something uniquely special for our customers. Signage is crucial for businesses as it’s responsible for drawing people’s attention when trying to capture a sale. At SWP, we work seamlessly alongside any business to deliver bespoke design and branding, as well as successful completion.

Covered in the transport market, we supply components for the use in the manufacture of automotive, aerospace and rail industries. Plus, with our components, we aim to minimise wastage and focus on efficiency as much as we can. We use RPC for pre-production prototyping such as car bumpers and ABS is available in specialist grades for application in the aerospace industry. At SWP, we recognise that every project is unique and some will require specialist products such as Boltaron and Europlex which are available on request.

With the exception of Staufen and ViPrint, all of our products are vacuum formable. Vacuum formable allow for a greater choice when choosing materials for your specific product. The versatile nature of vacuum forming means it can be applied in a wide range of industries and the supply of both bespoke and standard components. Whether it’s Storm Troopers, helmets, riot shields or incubators, and lots more in between, we have provided materials for all kinds of projects and specifications.

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