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SWP pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service, from leading brand quality products to expert knowledge and advice. We are the industry experts and market leaders in the supply and distribution of thermoformable and printable plastics to industries such as model makers through to Blue Chip OEM’s. We offer the widest range of thermoplastic materials in the UK including HIPS, ABS, ViPrintPolypropylene, Staufen PVC, PET and PETG. Our products are available in a variety of colours, textures, sizes and thicknesses, and we also offer a bespoke service.

If you are looking to add a touch of glamour and style to your special day, mirrored dancefloors are the perfect solution for adding that extra glitz and glamour at any event.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a party or a bar mitzvah, a striking mirrored dancefloor will create a stunning centrepiece and add a touch of elegance to any venue. The dazzling mirror finish beautifully reflects the light and silhouettes as you dance in style.

Mirror HIPS dancefloors are a popular addition at weddings and parties and also look stunning as a catwalk or runway at fashion shows and product launches. Mirror like reflections can also be created on DJ booths and as panels or borders around the venue.

Available in gold mirror, silver mirror, rose gold mirror and brushed mirror, our mirrored High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) will truly transform any event. Bespoke options are also available on request if you're looking for something a little bit different.

Thermoplastic sheet materials are widely used within the film, television and stage production industries due to their versatile nature.  Thermoplastic sheeting can be vacuum formed, molded, cut to shape and easily printed for a variety of props and set designs. 

Plastic sheet materials have been used to create mirror backdrops in action movies, as windows to blow up (as plastic is safer to use than glass), and as a wide variety of props and costumes.  Probably the most famous prop made from thermoplastic ABS was the Storm Trooper helmets in the Star Wars films.

The benefits of using thermoplastic sheet materials for set designs and props are numerous, as they can be quicker to make, safer to use and faster to set up than other conventional materials.

We have supplied many film, television and stage production companies with HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate and PETG for their productions, as well as mask and model makers for props.  Whatever the requirement, we have a huge range of materials to choose from and can recommend the best solution to meet your specific brief.

HIPS is widely used in the food packaging industry because of its unique qualities of strength, hygiene, visual appearance, and ability to retain heat, while also not deforming when in contact with warm water.  High impact polystyrene is completely non-porous protecting food from germs and bacteria, keeping contaminants outside.  Food trays and coffee lids are amongst the products made from high impact polystyrene.

Virgin PET can be used for food packaging for cakes, cut fruit and salads amongst others.  PET is globally recognized as a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. 

Polycarbonate has been studied and tested for nearly 50 years, and its use in products that come in contact with food is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as governmental bodies worldwide.  Polycarbonate is clear, lightweight, heat resistant, and shatter resistant – a significant safety advantage. This unique combination of attributes makes polycarbonate a great material for a wide variety of applications, many of them involving direct contact with foods and beverages.

High purity plastics that meet stringent requirements are commonly used within the medical and surgical industries. Medical grade plastics provide a higher degree of safety and versatility than equipment that was previously manufactured using metal and glass.

With many medical products such as surgical instruments requiring intensive cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation, medical grade plastic materials offer good chemical resistance, as well as excellent sterilisation properties. They are also shatter-proof, non-permeable, cost effective and recyclable.

Medical grade polypropylene and medical grade polycarbonate are two common plastic sheet materials used in applications such as surgical tools, MRI casings and incubators. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical, electrical and thermal properties, with Polycarbonate also offering excellent chemical resistance and superior durability to prevent cracking and damage to critical components.

Certified medical grade plastics are not available from stock, however we work with an ISO accredited supply chain to ensure quick turnaround times to best facilitate the requirements of our medical clients.

Plastic is a highly efficient, cost effective material for use in packaging as it is strong, durable, lightweight and resistant. Some plastics however, are better suited to certain types of packaging than others.

ViPrint (polypropylene) is the ideal product for printed packaging as it can be screen, offset, litho and digitally printed. It can be moulded to suit a range of products including takeaway containers, postal boxes, stationery folders, ring binders and oyster packs. 

PET is shatter-resistant with excellent gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide) / moisture barrier properties and a broad range of use temperature, from -60 to 130°C making it perfect for food grade heat sealable containers. It is also a fully recyclable product.

PVC available in roll or sheet material boasts excellent chemical resistance, mechanical and tensile strength and stability. Popular uses for PVC include clamshells, blister packs and heavy duty packaging bags.

The low forming temperatures of PETG, make it easy to machine, fabricate and vacuum form. It is fully recyclable and BPA-free. Typical applications include cosmetic containers, blister packs and food and electronics packaging.

Our wide range of semi-finished products including HIPS, ViPrint, PVC and PETG makes us the ideal choice for all your sign and display needs. We offer a range of materials with varying thicknesses, colours, transparencies and specifications to meet our customers’ requirements.  With requests ranging from products suitable for Point of Purchase (POP) display counters, POS, leaflet holders, stationery and indoor or outdoor signage.

PETG, PVC and Polycarbonate are all great materials for weatherproof outdoor advertising as they retain excellent clarity and durability even after exposure to the elements, ensuring printed signage remains stable. HIPS and ViPrint offer a range of colour options for indoor signs such as interior graphics, wayfinding or shop signage and both are suitable for screen, digital and litho printing.

Much of our material has made its way into many high street stores in the form of cosmetic displays, supermarket signage and clip strips.

With a comprehensive product range to choose from, we can supply exactly what you are looking for to ensure your signage or display project stands out from the crowd. 


From the high volume of litho to the short runs of digital, SWP has it covered. We supply plastic sheets and films with excellent ink adhesion for both durable and disposal print applications.

Choose from a wide range of high quality materials available for all printing methods including digital printing, screen printing and offset lithography. Our products offer excellent lay flat characteristics, material consistency and dimensional stability for precise application.

Our plastic sheets are able to fulfil a variety of requirements including better ink adhesion, durability, UV resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance. So if you’re looking for UV stability for outdoor use, toughness for wear and tear, flexibility for hinging capabilities or flammability ratings for heat resistance, there is a material to meet your individual needs.

Whatever the project, no matter how bold the idea, SWP help our customers produce excellence in print.


High-tech plastic sheet materials offer the ideal combination of safety and aesthetics for component manufacture for the automotive, aerospace, bus and rail transportation sectors.

Our portfolio includes a range of ABS and solid polycarbonate designed to meet diverse specifications for visibility, light diffusion, wear and fire resistance. Our thermoformable sheet materials can be easily machined and fabricated for use as dashboards, wall and ceiling panels, luggage racks, seat structures, car spoilers, skirting, diffusers and bumpers.

ABS sheets are renowned for their high impact strength, strong resistance to chemical corrosion, scratch resistance and excellent electrical properties.  ABS is available with an acrylic capping providing a high gloss finish and a UV resistant surface.  Carbon fibre ABS offers the same high specification with UV stability and a front face foiled with a high-end embossed finish. Flame retardant ABS boasts a fire ignition resistance certified UL94 VO classification. 

Clear polycarbonate sheets are an almost unbreakable plastic, offering tough and long term durability.  Polycarbonate is lighter and 250 times stronger than glass providing more impact, scratch, abrasion and vandalism resilience.


Vacuum or thermo forming is a manufacturing process used to shape plastic materials. It is one of the oldest and most common methods of processing plastic sheets. 

The vacuum forming process involves the heating of a plastic sheet until it is soft and pliable and then draping it over a mould of the required shape. A vacuum is then applied to suck the sheet into the mould and the sheet is then ejected back out. 

The main advantages of vacuum forming include lower tooling costs, design flexibility and quick production processes.

Vacuum formed products are all around us, whether it’s bicycle helmets, storage boxes, shower trays, motor vehicle components and lots more in between. 

Among the thermoplastic sheets that we supply are HIPS, ABS, PETG, PVC, APET and polycarbonate, all of which are suitable for vacuum forming.