SWP offer an extensive range of tapes and adhesives at great value.  Each product has its own key features and design use:

Plastick 101

A viscous clear adhesive for joining HIPS to HIPS, has good gap filling properties and is also used as an insulating lacquer and electrical coil coating solution.

Plastick 1506

Another viscous adhesive but for joining ABS to ABS and PVC to PVC.  Slow drying and thick for gap filling and fabrication.

Plastick HIPSOL

A clear thin bodied, non flammable solvent for joining HIPS to HIPS.

Plastick ABSOL

A clear flammable, low cost solvent for joining ABS to ABS.

Plastick 410

A non flammable, fast drying clear solvent for joining ABS to ABS and Acrylic to Acrylic.

Plastick 440

A slightly thicker but still fast drying clear solvent for joining Acrylic to ABS or HIPS and PVC to itself.

Plastick 2024

Thin adhesive, fast drying and non flammable.  The best adhesive to join PETG to PETG and also Acrylic to itself.

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