Plastic Materials for Print and Graphics

From the high volume of litho to the short runs of digital, SWP has it covered. We supply plastic sheets and films with excellent ink adhesion for both durable and disposal print applications.

Choose from a wide range of high quality materials available for all printing methods including digital printing, screen printing and offset lithography. Our products offer excellent lay flat characteristics, material consistency and dimensional stability for precise application.

Our plastic sheets are able to fulfil a variety of requirements including better ink adhesion, durability, UV resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance. So if you’re looking for UV stability for outdoor use, toughness for wear and tear, flexibility for hinging capabilities or flammability ratings for heat resistance, there is a material to meet your individual needs.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polycarbonate and PETG are all popular plastic sheet materials for print and are UV stable.  PVC is ideal for applications where the product will be subject to wear and tear as it is tough and durable. Polycarbonate is more resistant to heat than PVC making it a good option for projects that require high temperatures. PETG is similar to polycarbonate but it’s more flexible so ideal where flexibility is a requirement.

ViPrint is an innovative and stylish range of polypropylene sheets designed to meet the needs of the graphic arts industry. ViPrint is low density, lightweight, flexible and resistant and can also be folded and creased. High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) plastic sheet offers a reliable, easily printed surface in a range of finishes and is cost-effective, lightweight and strong. ABS is available in a range of thicknesses with key features including high impact strength, strong resistance to chemical corrosion, scratch resistance and excellent electrical properties.

Whatever the project, no matter how bold the idea, SWP help our customers produce excellence in print.

For more information on our range of printable plastic sheet materials, please contact us on 01727 863138 or email