1. Glass Clear ViPrint polypropylene sheets now back in stock

    Glass Clear ViPrint polypropylene sheets now back in stock

    Glass Clear ViPrint polypropylene sheets now back in stock in all sizes:

    1250 x 850 x 0.35mm
    1300 x 710 x 0.35mm
    1100 x 650 x 0.47mm
    1100 x 650 x 0.75mm

    Key features:

    •High impact strength
    •Excellent clarity and surface quality
    •Extremely flexible and resistant to cracking
    •High chemical and corrosion resistance

    Contact us on 01727 863138

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  2. Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic Update

    Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic Update

    In light of the ongoing disruption resulting from COVID-19 we would like to assure you as a valued customer that we are open for business!

    Vink UK Limited and all its trading brand names (including SWP), is a supplier of material to customers involved in critical applications. For example, the pharmaceutical, medical and industrial sectors with essential products being used in applications such as the manufacture of breathing ventilation, medical partitioning and the installation of screen guards and safety visors.

    In the face of the growing COVID-19 threat, continual supply to these customers is vital. All of our people employed in this supply chain are deemed to be key workers. So we would like to reassure you that during the (Covid 19) pandemic, we are open and are maintaining a full service to our customers.

    Our response as a business is being co-ordinated by a central team responsible for business continuity procedures and all measures are being implemented by our local management teams.

    To protect our staff and customers as much as possible, we have adapted our business operations. We have asked all staff to follow NHS and Government guidance at all times - particularly regarding hygiene, social distancing, and with specific procedures regarding delivery to our customer locations.

    We are doing everything possible to ensure the ongoing supply of vital materials to the industry, at the same time, protecting our staff to help limit the spread of this virus.

    Should you require any additional information, please contact our office in the usual way.

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