1. Mop Tray Month

    Mop Tray Month
    Mop Tray Month

    Whilst the topic may bring up images of Mrs Mop cleaning her kitchen floor, for those in the Point of Sale / Point of Purchase (POS/POP) industries, specifically those making Free Standing Display Units (FSDU’s), Mop Trays are vital when installing cardboard units in-store.

    What is a Mop Tray?

    Made from a Glass Clear Polypropylene, Viprint Glass Clear G03 from Stephen Webster Plastics is the perfect product for ensuring the longevity of cardboard displays from the wear and tear of daily floor cleaning in supermarket and shop environments. It’s claimed that by installing a simple plastic tray can increase the life expectancy of cardboard FSDU’s by more than five times the lifespan of those without; ensuring that your product stands the test of time.

    Can I Recycle Mop Trays?

    Our product is fully recyclable, meaning that once used, they can be discarded into plastic recycling bins, or if a greater quantity are due for recycling, our sister company, Recycled Plastics can arrange for a regular collection to ensure more of a closed loop effort.

    How can I order?

    To request a quote, please contact our sales team on 01727 863138 or email us sales@stephen-webster.co.uk

    ViPrint Clear Sheet

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  2. Rose Gold Mirror

    Rose Gold mirrored HIPS now available off the shelf for next day delivery!

    It's official... Rose Gold - the fashion trend that's here to stay!  From Apple iPhones to fashion, jewellery and weddings, rose gold is THE must have colour of 2018.

    It's no exception here at Stephen Webster Plastics with demand for rose gold mirror HIPS dance floors on the increase.

    As the original stockists of mirror HIPS for dance floors in the UK, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the trends and that's why we're the first stockist to commit to holding rose gold mirror for a next day delivery.

    A mirror dance floor exudes luxury, creating an unforgettable focal point that transforms a room reflecting both natural and disco lights.  Our rose gold HIPS offers the same mirror effect as both gold and silver HIPS but with a pink hue.  So whether you are tying the knot with a beautiful wedding reception, celebrating a special birthday, anniversary or Bar Mitzvah, a mirror dance floor will create a lasting impression.

    All our mirror HIPS are available off the shelf for next or same day delivery*.  For more information on our range of mirrored high impact polystyrene, please give us a call on 01727 863138 or email sales@stephen-webster.co.uk.

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