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  1. Karl Peutrill – Marathon Man

    No, not the chocolate bar now known as Snickers (Although that would be more believable!).

    We’re proud to say we’re sponsoring our moustached friend – here’s a little word from his royal highness:

    “I’ll try and keep this as brief and sap-free as possible since I’m asking for donations and not your vote on the X Factor! I’m at the age now where I should know better. I’m in the worst shape of my life and the only running I do is the bath. The only marathon I’ve completed is on Netflix. I live a 5 minute walk from SWP and will drive in with even the most minor of excuses. In the words of David Byrne – ‘I’m wicked and I’m lazy’.

    Perfect preparation then, as on April the 26th, I will hit the streets of London with 40,000 runners and tackle 26.2 tough miles in the name of charity. And tough is not even the half of it, all the early morning starts, 6 months without a pint of Fosters, the endless miles of pavement pounding that have ruined my shins, the blood, moustache sweat an

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  2. SWP Supporting Schools

    Since 1977, SWP have been supplying and supporting the educational sector and we are pleased to have been included in the Kaltz National Schools Procurement Directory for 2015!

    Under, Art & Craft Design Technology Resources is where you’ll find our name in lights, for all of you who aren’t lucky enough to have a copy, I’ll include the photo’s here.

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