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ABS Swatch

Product Description

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic sheets are available in gloss, smooth, pinseal, granite, recycled, carbon fibre effect, acrylic capped and flame retardant and each have their own unique characteristics. However, four things they all have in common are their high impact strength, strong resistance to chemical corrosion, scratch resistance and excellent electrical properties.

ABS Smooth & Pinseal Sheet

Both Smooth and Pinseal ABS sheets are easily machined to close tolerances by drilling, die-cutting, sawing, turning, milling or shearing. They are an ideal plastic for vacuum forming, fabricating or printing. ABS Smooth is available in black and white. ABS Pinseal is available in black, grey and white.

ABS Gloss Acrylic Capped Sheet

Acrylic Capped ABS sheets offer the same high specifications as other ABS sheets but with the addition of a high gloss finish and acrylic capping which provides a UV resistant surface. The ultraviolet resistance enables the sheet to withstand the degradation that can be caused by UV light exposure. This makes AC ABS plastic sheets the ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications. ABS Acrylic Capped is available in black, white and silver.

ABS Recycled Sheet

Post-consumer Recycled ABS plastic sheets are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to virgin material. Black pinseal embossed Recycled ABS plastic has a textured, scratch resistant surface to the top side and is not only a recycled plastic sheet but it is also recyclable.

ABS Carbon Fibre Sheet

Carbon Fibre Effect ABS plastic sheets also offer the same high specification as other ABS sheets but with the addition of UV stability and a high-tech look. The front face is foiled with a printed carbon fibre effect, showcasing a high-end, embossed finish. ABS carbon fibre effect sheets are ideal fo

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