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Product Market: Packaging

At SWP, we have a wide range of products for you to browse. We’ve added detailed descriptions of each product so you can find the most suitable product for your project.

Packaging Products
High Impact Polystyrene Sheet: Gloss and Matt HIPS Sheet
PET and PETg: PET Sheet
ViPrint Sheet – Polypropylene for print: Black, White, and Frosted
ViPrint Sheet – Polypropylene for print: Colours
ViPrint Sheet – Polypropylene for print: Clear Sheets
PVC: Reels
Tapes & Adhesives: Plastick 101
Tapes & Adhesives: Plastick 440
Tapes & Adhesives: Plastick 1506
Tapes & Adhesives: Plastick 2024
Tapes & Adhesives: ABSOL
Tapes & Adhesives: HIPSOL
: Made to Order

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